Fossbill Docs
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Welcome to the Fossbill documentation

Fossbill is a simple billing tool. It allows to manage customers, products, and bills. We values efficiency, reliability, and accessibility.

Presentation Our values Getting started



Generate quotes and bills, and e-mail them to your customers in seconds.

Fit in your workflow

E-mails are sent with your own address, and you receive responses in your e-mail box.

Low-cost | Low-tech

The official instance cost 10 euros monthly. The server, and web interface run on 30 years old machines.


If you own a server, have the knowledge to, and support the project another way, you can self-host the software on your machine.

Your project

The project is open-source and free as in freedom. Your user data can be exported and imported in seconds.

Compliant subscription

There is a 7 day free period, and the lack of subscription only prevent from creating new bills. You can still access all your data.