Fossbill Docs
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Our values

Fossbill is an opinionated project. It means that we as developer got strong opinions on how a software should works, and behave.

Free as in Freedom

The code sources must be licensed with copyleft licenses. It means first that the code source must be available to everyone. Then than everyone can edit it, redistribute it, and even build businesses with it, while preserving it’s copyleft freedom.

In concrete aspect for end users: The tool can not disappear overnight. It also means that any end user can enhance, or pay developers to enhance the tool.

It is to be noted that any user can self host a Fossbill instance on their own machines. It ensure that your data never leave your scope.

Easy to move away

If for some reason a user want to erase all of its data, the tool must offer a simple, fast, and clean way to do so. Also, if the user want to move all of its data to another instance, the tool must allow it.

That’s why the import and export feature was one of our main focus. It is very easy to export an archive of all your data, then import it back to the same instance, or to another one.

No JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language that run inside your web browser. It was historically been used to add interactivity with the websites you browse. However today it is mostly used as the primary way to interact with the World Wide Web.

We think that using modern HTML and CSS is enough for the vast majority of the use cases we encounter in the web. Futhermore, JavaScript websites are way more costy to run for you Web browser.

For this reason, there is no JavaScript code today on Fossbill, except on the payment page. We are already investigating for alternatives (see: investigate Stripe alternatives).

Do not play with with user data

We will never use, of sell your user data. Admin users do not have access to your bill data. Only devops admins, that got access to the web server logs, and to the database storage, go access to this.

We also note that it is completely possible to register, and use the service without giving to Fossbill any personal email address.

Also it is very easy for an user to erase all of its user data, or to reset every data it has generated in the service.