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Before anything we have to configure some details.

User configuration page
User configuration page

This is the most compete form, so we will describe a bit:

Email: You will need this to recover your password, if you loose it. It isn’t used to send bill emails.

Currency: Used in generated bills and quotes.

Default source: The source is used as the referrer of your generated bills. This is the top-left corner information that is used by default when you generate a new draft. You then can edit this field on every draft.

Quote mentions: This text is displayed at the bottom of every quote you generate. This is the default value, and can be edited on drafts.

Bill mentions: This is the same thing as quote mentions, but for bills.

SMTP fields: This configuration is used to send the emails from your email account. You can omit those fields, but then you can not send emails from Fossbill itself. Here a list of provider, and their SMTP configuration documentation.

SMTP reply-to: Configure this to your reply email address if it is different from your SMTP username.

SMTP cc: The emails the service send will also be send to those emails, so that you also receive the emitted emails.