Fossbill Docs
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Here a bunch of common question related to Fossbill:

  1. How can I delete my account, and all of my user data?

    You can use the “Delete user” button from your ~user page.

  2. How can I remove my bill?

    If you generated a bill, you can not remove it. It is a legal constraint. If you are testing, you can still drop every bills using the “Delete bills” button from your ~user page.

  3. How Import/Export works?

    The Import/Export is available through the Import / Export link from you ~user page. Clicking on the Export link download an unencrypted .tar.bz2 archive that contain multiple .csv files. Use this archive in the Import form to reset all of your user data to this archive state. This will remove every bill, product, and customer already present.

    An experimented user can also build its own .tar.bz2 files to pre-populate their Fossbill account.