Fossbill Docs
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Source code

Fossbill has been developed with the Python programming language, the Flask HTTP micro-framework, SQLAlchemy for it’s database querying, Babel for localization, and WeasyPrint to generate PDF. And nothing more.

Fossbill proudly use SourceHut as forge for its development. Here the Fossbill hub project.

To run the code locally:

git clone
cd fossbill
make instance/config.toml
$EDITOR instance/config.toml
make venv-dev
venv/bin/flask --app fossbill db upgrade head
make run

Send patches to the Development mailing list.

To learn how to use git send-email, please see

git config format.subjectPrefix 'PATCH fossbill'
git config '~stacyharper/'
git send-email -1 # to send your last commit