Fossbill Docs
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It is very easy to self host a Fossbill instance:

python -m venv venv
venv/bin/pip install fossbill waitress
venv/bin/pip install psycopg2-binary # if you use postgres, and you should

Configure the instance:

mkdir -p venv/var/fossbill-instance/
curl -o venv/var/fossbill-instance/config.toml
$EDITOR venv/var/fossbill-instance/config.toml

Migrate the database:

venv/bin/flask --app fossbill db upgrade head

Running the server is as simple as:

venv/bin/waitress-serve --listen= --call 'fossbill:create_app'

But you should start this from a system daemon instead. Here an OpenRC service configuration. Adapt your path, and you also can prepare an /etc/conf.d/fossbill file with migrate_on_start=1 to automatically run migration on service restarts.

Then you have to configure your web server to serve it. Here the Nginx server configuration. Adapt using your own domain.